Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between BNNZ and ANZBIG


ANZ Biochar Industry Group (ANZBIG) and Biochar Network New Zealand (BNNZ) have developed an agreement that will advance the aims and objectives of each organisation and importantly advance the sustainable use and production of biochar in Australia and New Zealand. 

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Expected benefits 

Shared resources will speed up achieving our individual and in-common objectives by providing a platform for formal and informal communications that should increase the speed and quality of information flow. In addition, each organisation may be able to leverage influence with their government officials and others from this relationship. 

Agreed actions, services and areas of support

I. ANZBIG and BNNZ as organisations will have a sibling-like affiliation.  

II. ANZBIG to recognise in communications with stakeholders in NZ that BNNZ will continue to be the peak body and voice for biochar communications and activities in NZ with support from ANZBIG.

III.  An amount equivalent to the total of the ANZBIG membership fees from NZ members will be passed on from ANZBIG to BNNZ to be used as BNNZ sees fit.

IV. New Zealand Members of ANZBIG will automatically become members of BNNZ. 

V. Information, other than that given in confidence and privacy, will be freely shared between organisations. 

VI. Each organisation will provide for at least one representative from the other organisation on its committee. 

VII. Each organisation respects the working process of the other.

Strategies and mechanisms for dealing with common issues 

Flexibility in applying these agreed actions while respecting the spirit of this agreement may be required at times. 

If following reasonable discussion from both organisations there continues to be disagreement over a particular issue then a mutually acceptable third party can be appointed to adjudicate; the outcome being reached within reasonable time scale. 

Duration of the MOU 

Reviewed annually with termination an option if either party has lost confidence in it. 


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