Biomass Management

Biomass Management

Organic "waste" is a problem across many sectors:

  • Forestry generates massive amounts of material that is difficult to market - prunings, thinnings, post-harvest residues, stumps and slash, offcuts, bark, and sawdust.
  • Horticulture has a similar set of issues with prunings, culled trees, and unsellable produce.
  • Households generate large volumes of biomass (greenwaste) that most municipalities send to landfill.

    Sewage solids/sludge from municipalities are usually landfilled. 

    Shelterbelt prunings on farms result in an annual "smoke season" as they are wastefully burned to ash.

Staggering amounts of waste going to landfills:

All these unwanted materials can be turned into biochar!



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Earth and Climate Care

Learn more about why and how to use biochar for beneficial impact.

Biomass Management

Find beneficial ways to manage everything from tree prunings to forestry slash, plus municipal waste and more.

Policy Development

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Connect with other researchers, find industry partners, trial applications, and advocate for research support.

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