BNNZ Committee and Regional Contacts


Warrick Isaachsen – Chair – West Auckland

Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāi Tai Ki Tāmaki.

Together with BNNZ and partners, Warrick seeks to get New Zealanders excited about the positive impacts from biochar for their businesses and ecosystems, and for kiwis to feel empowered to create regenerative change through biochar.

From a spark for nature which started at the family horticulture business in West Auckland, Warrick seeks to contribute his experience in capital investment, engineering, project management and business to grow climate positive, value adding outcomes which honours people and planet.

+64 21 101 8228



Ben Elms - Treasurer - Otago

Ben lives in Hawea Flat, Central Otago, on a 20 Hectare lifestyle block. He is involved in education around composting and growing food (Dr Compost), as well as mentoring and edible landscape design work, plus a bit of gardening writing.

My latest way to create better soil is by adding biochar, made in a bespoke kiln.

+64 21 078 6747


Trevor Richards - Secretary - Kuala Lumpur

Trevor has a Civil engineering background and has been based overseas since 1988. He connected with biomass energy since 1999 and has been blogging on biochar since 2009 via BIG-SEA.

Trevor helped establish ABE ( in 2012. He is well connected with the international biochar community and interested in all aspects of biochar environmental and industry development in NZ.

+60 126 591 430



Dennis Enright – Otago

Based at Mosgiel near Dunedin,  Dennis has more than 20 years experience in soil and fertiliser research with AgResearch. He has spent a similar amount of time in organic production and certification.

Dennis owns NZ Biochar Ltd, established in 2008 and is focused on having Biochar recognised and used to benefit productive soils and the environment.

+64 22 678 4396



Phil Stevens – Manawatū

Phil is a regenerative agriculture consultant, carbon management analyst, and permaculture tutor, incorporating soil-building and carbon farming techniques on a one-hectare lifestyle block named Slow Farm.

Phil is also managing director of Coolstuff Community Ltd, a cooperative social enterprise combining distributed biochar production by affiliates with a regional retail supply network.

+64 21 784 718

Simsimon low res.pngon Day - Waiuku

Simon is a farm owner of a 95 hectare property near Pukekohe, South Auckland. He provides dairy support grazing for neighbouring properties. The farm also supports beef and stands of mixed forestry. The farm includes 24 hectares of conserved native bush and wetland.

He is a longtime supporter, user and producer of biochar which is used as part of the farming operation and runoff inputs.

+64 21 155 2345

James biochar.jpg

James McNally - Hawkes Bay

James is based in Napier and studied Chemistry and small business/project management. He operates a start-up called In Search Of Ltd which aims to develop local markets for Biochar and find those economic/environmental win-wins through application of Biochar whilst also returning carbon to the soil long-term (See my current developing setup in my photo.) He is keen to explore opportunities locally that include: horticulture, animal feeds, soaking-up river nitrates, and making Biochar blends such as char-cretes.

So get in touch if you're interested in collaborating, getting your woody waste pyrolysed, smashed, screened and composted with your green waste. Biochar bags or vermicompost-mix bags, demonstration-burns/presentations/workshops.

+64 27 252 5454

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