Personal Use

There are various ways to use biochar at home or on a small property:

Add biochar to any type of compost system. 20-30% by volume will speed the composting process as well as hold on to nutrients that tend to offgas.

Replace peat in potting mixes in a nursery.

Add to compost toilet systems to reduce smell, adsorb nutrients, and fast track the resulting compost.

Add to any deep litter system for any kinds of animals you have eg chickens, rabbits, goats, etc. Again this will reduce odours, adsorb nutrients, and enhance the resulting input into any compost process.

Place biochar into a bowl/breathable bag in your house or car as an air cleanser.

Add to your garden soil - it improves both sandy or clayey soil types. It increases the drought resilience of trees during dry periods if added to the bottom of the planting hole. Smaller particle size is better. It can be innoculated with either nutrients or biology or a combination of both to suit your context.

Here is an old. but useful post with many more potential uses:


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